03 October 2011

IPSC Worldshoot XVI Rhodes - part 4

Today, at 0730 hours, we started to shoot XVI IPSC WSH. When we arrived at range it was night. But is soon become day. Click, and there is light. On range additional Safety Areas emerged - good, it would be horror with only two of them. My shooting was so bad, that it just can not go trough my keyboard. But hey! Someone must be last!

We were shooting stages from 25 to 30. Stages were intersting, some even require to think of some tactics. There was a delay by row of equipment failures on stage 26, but we finished on time.

Lot of Shooters are complaining on organisation problems, mostly with constant changes of schedules and lack of info (or even wrong info) on WSH2011 website. Also no info for shooters on IPSC website, IPSC Facebook, or Global Village. Only way of communication is piece of paper pinned at Rodos Palace Hotel, where somebody can just take it off accidentally. IPSC official wrote at Global Village that lack of any form of electronic/internet communication with shooters is due to him working for free,  away from home and family, for 24 hours a day, so he can not even shoot match and have no patience for bragging and complaining. Maybe it is time for him to cease sacrificing himself and his life, as we seem to to be ungrateful bunch.

But hopefully this problems will not influence overall quality of match too much, as squadding and schedule is known (was known until somebody took printed squadding from board at Rodos Palace). Also shooters that get pieces of information try to share it using Global Village, or just when see each other on the street of beautiful Rhodes town.

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