06 October 2011

IPSC Worldshoot XVI Rhodes - part 6

Today I shot stages from 7 to 12. When I was shooting stage we got visited by strong team of spectators consisting of IPSC President, IPSC General Secretary, IPSC Secretary and IROA President. Initially I tough that guys were following my blog and wanted to see me shooting ;) But not :(

Stage 7 was stage where shooter impersonated Colossus of Rhodes, holding in weak hand torch, strapped by velcro strap to wrist. Most of shooters were removing strap, but when strap was new it took time, when it was worn out, it just required to shake hand. This kind of props were made better at EHC2010 in Serbia, working equall for all shooters. Finally stage was withdrawn from the match.

Shooting stage 9, "Coffe shop" was fun, however I do not usually place loaded gun on the table when I go for coffee. Windmill on stage 10 was not working. Huge disappointment. Generally this was nice day, not like first one, but I think I finally lost my chances for champion title ;) Maybe next time! :D

I feel like I must comment on Official Match Ammo. I use 139gr 9mm TFMJ (encapsulated) SuperClean ammo my be Hungarian RWS factory (former MFS) under Geco brand. I managed to get some of this ammo just 2 weeks before World Shoot. I usually use 124gr FMJ (steel jacket) Geco ammo "made in Switzerland". While quite strong (PF140 from my HK P30L) it is very accurate ammo. Unfortunately tests (shooting precise at 15m and 25m using ISSF pistol target) showed that this 139gr ammo has groups twice the size of 124gr "Swiss" Geco. I was exprecting worst and it happened. There was classic popper at 35m on stage 8, that I could not hit for good 3 shots. All carefully aimed. Only 4th one managed. Also this ammo leaves enormous amount of copper(?) debris and unburnt powder inside my gun, that made some return to battery problems yesterday. I usually have some 2000-3000 rounds of trouble free shooting w/o cleaning from my HKs - this took me by surprise. Overall, I'm disappointed with Geco OMA, but I will keep shooting Swiss made Geco as long as it will be available in good price. But whith new Geco "IPSC Approved" series - proceed with caution.


  1. Anonymous6/10/11 22:46

    Nice blog, the official coverage is so-so..

    Thanks for the tip on the 139:ers.
    I shoot the same 124gr GECO as you. I have experimented with some heavy bullets, but they never give satisfactory precision. It seems to me, 9mm need the speed!

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for good word. If you want me to cover antyhing special, just ask. I can post photos of targets shoot from Geco.

    BTW Thanks to all Skytteforum guys for visiting! I share your feelings on new IPSC rules. Please, come visit us in Poland for our 3Gun matches "Liga Sportera" :)